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(This meeting is restricted to dealer members)

Please Attend VADA’s Annual Presentation To Hampton Roads!

Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020 9-11 a.m.

During these challenging times, Team VADA needs your input and feedback. HRADA will be holding the annual VADA “State of the Commonwealth and Legislative Update” via Zoom. This is an essential opportunity for VADA to get your insights and perspectives on critical issues and for you to get an update on the industry’s hot issues.

  • State Legislative and Regulatory Review and Preview – What can you anticipate from the General Assembly, DMV, MVDB and others?
  • Legal Issues for Dealers Emerging From The Pandemic
  • Franchise Issues Affected by Pandemic-driven changes
  • Analyzing and deciding on facility demands and other franchisor programs
  • Impact of Pandemic on performance threats
  • Proper factory reimbursement for warranty and recall work
  • Responding to audit chargebacks
  • Dealer succession
  • Challenges of Increased Operations in Cyberworld
  • Dangers of social media use and abuse
  • Protections against ransomware, malware, and other threats
  • Training employees in the importance of cyber protections
  • Other Pandemic-driven Changes Requiring Attention
  • Protect against supplier contracts that limit your flexibility
  • Advertising and marketing compliance in increasing digital operations
  • Sales and F&I compliance as affected by increasing social justice demands
  • Workforce development issues
  • 2021 Session and “Assault on the Hill” for new General Assembly Members
  • 2021 VADA Convention

Please join us for the “State of the Commonwealth and Legislative Update” presented by VADA President Don Hall and VADA/HRADA Legal Counsel Mike Charapp.

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