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Chevrolet Colorado
STATUS: Minor changes for 2020 - The Colorado has plenty to offer anyone wanting a less-than-full-size pickup, whether it's the four-door extended-cab model with a 62-inch bed, or the four-door crew cab that comes with a 50- or available 62-inch bed. Each version can be had with a gasoline or turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine, or a V-6. All three are hooked up to automatic transmissions, but base 2.5 is your only choice if you want a manual gearbox. The 4x4 turbo-diesel is the go-to for hauling payloads up to 1,800 pounds, or trailering up to 7,700 pounds. For off-roading, the ZR2 trim's unique front and rear bumpers help provide additional ground clearance and the aluminum skid plates protect the radiator, oil pan, suspension and transfer case. The grille and hood are ZR2 exclusives, as are the special off-road dampers, 31-inch tires and the functional off-road rocker-panel protection. Chevrolet also added the ZR2 Bison that comes with hardcore gear for more severe off-roading. Most visibly, there's an engine snorkel to keep fresh air entering the engine - instead of water - when fording deep rivers.
Base price (incl. destination): $22,400
Type: Midsize pickup
Engines (h.p.): 2.5-liter I-4 (200); 3.6-liter V-6 (308); 2.8-litre I-4, turbo-diesel (186)
Transmissions: Six-speed manual; six-speed automatic; eight-speed automatic (V-6)
Layout: Rear- /four-wheel-drive
Base mpg (city/highway/combined): 19/26/22 (2.5 MT, RWD)
Base weight (lb.): 3,985

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