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Public Show Dates and Hours

Friday, January 7 through Sunday January 9, 2022
Friday, January 7 10 AM through 9 PM

Saturday, January 8 10 AM through 9 PM

Sunday, January 9 10 AM through 6 PM

Show Location

The Virginia Beach Convention Center
1000 19th Street

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Show Office Location and Hours of Operation

The office is located on the lower level of the convention center to the right of the public entrance.
Friday, January 7, 2022 9 AM 9 PM

Saturday, January 8, 2022 9 AM 9 PM

Sunday, January 9, 2022 9AM 6 PM


The Virginia Beach Convention Center has 2,000 parking spaces on site. Parking is free to all
exhibitors and attendees.

VIP Show Preview Reception

Thursday January 6, 2022 (Invitation Only)
For more information and invitations please contact the Peter Alexander at 4109808832

Ticketing and Exhibitor Information

Adults and Children over 12  $12
Children (12 and Under) Free

Senior Citizens (65 and Over) $9

Military (With ID) $9

Exhibitors Entrance Procedure

An exhibitor’s registration desk will be located at the show office. All exhibitors will need to check
in with the office. No passes, badges or exhibitor identification will be mailed in advance of the

Sales Personnel must register with the show office. A business card and appropriate ID must be

Please Note: No one under 16 years of age will be permitted on the show floor during move in
and move out.

Vehicle Clean Up Personnel

Vehicle Clean up personnel may gain entry to the show floor 2 hours before the public hours.

Factory Lounge

The factory lounge will be open during show hours. Check in is required at the door. Only factory
officials, narrators, product specialists and committee members will be permitted. No sales staff
will be permitted.

Move in and Set up Information

Vehicle move in will take place on Thursday, January 6, 2022, beginning at 8:00 am and continuing
until 1:00pm. All displays must be completed by 2:00pm in preparation for the VIP Preview Reception.

Vehicles being displayed on a turntable or platform will be allowed to enter the building on
Wednesday, January 5, 2022 provided the display is ready to accommodate the vehicle.

Under no circumstance should the visqueen that was installed to protect your carpet be removed until
all vehicles are placed and detailed. Exhibitors or your porter service company will be responsible for
any stains that are made by tire treads to dressing. Once the vehicles have been placed and detailed,
exhibitors may remove the plastic and place it in the public aisle for removal by the show carpet

Exhibit/Vehicle setback:

The local Fire Marshall has determined exhibit and vehicle setbacks. These requirements call for One
foot (1′) setback for exhibit areas that adjoin an aisle and a twofoot (2′) setback for those sides of an
exhibit that adjoin other exhibit spaces. If an exhibit is erected beyond the setback requirements as
determined by the Fire Marshall, then the exhibit must be moved to conform.

A 10′ path must be maintained to all emergency exits. All displays are subject to inspection and
must conform to the Fire Marshalls rules and regulations

Vehicle Information

The gas caps of all vehicles must either be locked or taped shut.

AC/DC Converters:

Cars using AC/DC converters must have the security system fuse disconnected to prevent
setting off vehicle alarms. No Battery Chargers are allowed.


Please turn in all keys to the Convention Centers Security office.

Battery Cables

Note: Plastic bags for battery cables are required and all battery cables must be unhooked!

Gas tanks must be near empty (1/4 Tank or Less) All vehicles will be checked prior to entering
the convention center

Dealership Information

No vehicle sales may be contacted at the show itself. Vehicles are to have no dealer price stickers
posted, only factory stickers are permitted. Also, please make sure the vehicles do not post any dealer
stickers or license plate covers.

Note: No Dealer names or addresses may be displayed on any type of signs or display

Remember that the Show is for exhibition only, however, business cards may be handed out by sales
representatives during the show.

With your cooperation, we are hoping that this year’s show is the biggest and best yet

Important Rules and Regulations

Insurance Requirements

Any company providing services or equipment as well as any exhibiting organization is required to
provide an Insurance Policy to participate in the Hampton Roads International Auto Show 2022.

The exhibitor shall procure, at its sole cost and expense, and shall maintain in force at all times during
the term of the Show contract, policies of insurance as herein below set forth, written by companies
approved by Show Management and shall deliver to Show Management evidence of such policies.
These policies shall be endorsed in form acceptable to Show Management to include a provision that
policy will not be canceled, materially changed, or not renewed without at least 30days prior to
written notice to Show Management.

A commercial General Liability Insurance Policy (I.S.O. Form CG 00 01 or equivalent approved by Show
Management) in the Exhibitor’s name with the Hampton Roads Automotive Dealers Association,

The Virginia Beach Convention Center and the City of Virginia Beach named as Additional Insured
(I.S.O. Form CG 20 10 or equivalent approved by Show Management) with limits of liability in the
amounts of $200,000.00 Occurrences/$2,000,000.00 Aggregate on a combined single limit basis for
injuries to persons (including death) and damage to property.

Automobile and Truck Liability Insurance Policy in the Exhibitor’s name with Members of the Board
of Directors of the Hampton Roads Automobile Dealers Association, The Virginia Beach Convention
Center and the City of Virginia Beach named as Additional Insured with limits of liability in the amount
of $2,000,000.00 each occurrence, on a combined single limit basis for claims for bodily injuries
(including death) to persons for the damage to property arising out of the ownership, maintenance or
use of any owned, hired or nonowned motor vehicle.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance (including Employer’s Liability Insurance) with limits of

Any additional insurance policies necessary to obtain required permits or otherwise comply with
applicable law ordinances or regulations regarding the performance of your contract.

Show Management and or the Official Show General Contractor will require verification of the policy
during the move in of the Auto Show before any services or equipment may be provided.

All policies must provide coverage from first move in date to last move out date. All insurance policies
must be completed correctly. Policies not filled out correctly will be returned.

This certificate of Insurance must be received by PWA Event Services Group LLC, 509 First Street,
Annapolis, MD 21403 no later than December 5, 2021.

License Requirements

All booth exhibitors must be licensed to do business in the State or Virginia and have a current sales
tax number for any direct retail selling for the Show floor

ASCAP and BMI License Requirements

No music, instrumental, vocal, or similar entertainment at individual exhibition space or spaces will be permitted
unless specifically approved by ASCAP/BMI Licensing Boards.

HRADA will require a copy of the license agreement before any music can be played.

ASCAP 212.595.3050

BMI 800.669.4264


Each exhibitor is entirely responsible for the space allotted to him throughout his contract. Each
exhibitor agrees to reimburse The Virginia Beach Convention Center for any damage to the floor,
ceilings or walls within his contracted area.

Decorations, signs, banners and streamers may not be attached, taped, nailed or otherwise fastened to
any ceiling, window, painted surface or wall of the Convention Center. Any special decorations or signs
must be approved by Convention Center Management as to location and method of installment. Under
NO circumstances are helium balloons or adhesiveback decals to be given away or permitted to be
used in the Convention Center. Any cost incurred by the Convention Center from the use or removal
of these items will be charged to the exhibitor.

The Convention Center, Hampton Roads Automobile Dealers Association, Freeman Decorating
Company, PWA Event Services Group LLC, assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss or theft.
Therefore, it is the exhibitors’ responsibility to provide their own insurance coverage for vehicles,
exhibits, materials, and so forth.

Show Director

Peter Alexander
PWA Event Services Group, LLC
509 First Street
Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: 410.980.8832


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